Thursday, November 13, 2008

RSD Videos

One of my biggest "pet peeves" regarding RSD (other than the pain itself) is the fact that no one I love, apart from my mother, can understand what this is. So, in the name of awareness and answering questions, here are links to illustrative Youtube videos. You may notice that the second video says, at the end, "also known as complex regional pain syndrome". CRPS is the more correct term and the one used by the medical community. Yes, it does mean "pain that does not stop, in one area, that we don't understand". I'm sad to say that's an actual diagnosis of an actual syndrome.

These two are a Discovery Health Segment (watch both) about RSD.

This is actually about Ehler Danlos Syndrome, not RSD, but the general message still holds.

Why the usual treatment strategies don't work for chronic pain:

These next two are about pain in general.

Enjoy (?) Watch any or all of them, or ignore this coompletely: your choice. Just to reiterate, so I clear up any confusion, RSD and CRPS are the same thing.

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Coach Marla said...

I know how you feel about nobody understanding what you are going through. Unfortunately they never will until they experience it to some degree themselves. The videos are awesome to use as a way of making them think and try to put themselves in your shoes and I commend you on putting them on here for us all to be able to see as well.

I wish you all the best and you keep spreading the word to any and all you possibly can about RSD/CRPS!!

~God Bless~
Coach Marla